Onerva Luoma

Onerva Luoma is a trans-disciplinary artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Playfulness is at the core of her work. Play means malleable rules, voluntariness, finding by doing and reflecting, making mistakes and being inspired by them, and being guided by the process itself without presupposing an outcome. In her art, play is intimately intertwined with recycled materials. She not only uses recycled and collected materials, she works fromthem: she seeks not to dominate the material, but rather to listen to it and collaborate with it, sometimes even to the point of being dominated by it. In this way, she believes that something radically new can be expressed. Mostly, her material is clothing, but she is not restricted to that. She works with methods that are called for by the situation and are driven by stories, characters and spaces. Her most important tool is thinking, which she harnesses whenever the material asks for control. Recurring themes in her work are character, play, abundance, outsiderness, girlhood, and the tensions between impulse and control.

Mara Kirchberg

is a transdisciplinary artist based in Frankfurt a.M. (GER) / Tallinn (EST) currently studying Choreography and Performance at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen and Contemporary Art at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She works at the intersection of installation, sculpture, performance and sound creating environments that engage the audience in a multisensory encounter. Her practice focuses on the body in relation to and in dialogue with its surrounding matter exploring the fleshy capacities of the geological and the geological capacities of flesh. She is looking for methods of composing by means of decomposing. Her works have been presented in various performing arts, gallery and residency spaces in Germany, Estonia, Finland and Belgium.

Marta Pohlmann-Kryszkiewicz

is a visual artist based in Leipzig and Szczecin. She studied Photography and Fine Arts at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, Germany. Within her artistic practice she is dealing with aspects of the legibility of urban and peripheral remains, traces of human presence, as well as the transformations and possibilities of photography.

Her works have been shown in various solo and thematic group exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Denmark, Venezuela, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Austria and China.

Marina Ruffin

Marina Ruffin is an interior architect and illustrator based in Paris, France. She studied at the Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris-Belleville. She works as an interior architect for Studio Aurelien Lespinas. Among others, she has done illustrations for La ferme du bonheur in Nanterre, which is a project of creating and maintaining a third landscape in the outskirts of Paris.

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